Top 15 Dog Breeds For Busy Owners

The modern lifestyle is a high-paced, stressful, lonely one. Everyone’s really busy now, with work encroaching on hours outside the office, frequent travel in our globalized society, and family now scattered across the seven continents. Many of us are left with very little leisure time compared to previous generations, and very little time to dedicate to the things we love.


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There are many benefits, some backed by comprehensive scientific studies, to owning a dog. But dogs are social creatures, built to be pack-oriented, and need exercise and attention to be happy. If your lifestyle curtails your ability to provide these things, you still have hope! But you need to be very careful and pick the right breed, one that works with your lifestyle. Don’t get a dog that needs constant stimulation and lots of exercise if you can’t make sure it gets those things – that’s cruel both to you and the dog. (and your neighbors) That’s why we put together a list of 15 dogs that are ideal for busy people.

Source: Thinkstock/Celiaaa Source: Thinkstock/Celiaaa