The 15 Worst Accidents To Happen In Sports History

We all love sports. It’s universal across all the many different cultures and nations that make up this wide world of ours. We love arguing with friends about exactly why our favorite club is superior to theirs. We love creating trade proposals which we think will improve our team’s chances and debating the benefits of past trades. We devour our statistics with a fervor that our math teachers wish we applied to our lessons, expertly shifting through the numbers to prove which players are good, which are better, and who, exactly, is the best. We cheer for the goals, the home runs, the hits, the strikeouts, the buzzer beaters, the slam dunks, the touchdowns, the interceptions, the tie-breakers.

Perhaps more than everything else, what we love about sports is that it provides an escape. Sports lets us lose ourselves in the rhythm of the game, allows us to feel the pure joy of victory and to share with our fellow fans the sting of defeat. It is a taste of the epic in our everyday life. It allows us to plumb the depths of hell when our team is in a losing streak, or when that idiot GM traded our favorite player and the one who would undoubtedly have brought the team to the playoffs for some washed-up has-been. Unfortunately, as the song goes, “You pictured heaven, but even heaven has its rainy days.” Even our idealized world of sports runs headlong into the problems of the everyday universe.

When tragedy does strike the world of sports, we’re reminded – violently – that in the end, it was all just a game. We are reminded that the athletes we revere aren’t just assets to be exchanged or a series of statistics. Above everything else, they’re people. They are human beings that have worked their whole lives in the hopes of competing at their sports’ highest levels, and whose hard work and talent can be snatched away at any moment by the grim hand of fate. Here are 15 tragic sports accidents that remind us exactly how precious life can be.

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