15 Shocking Conspiracy Theories In Sports

14. 1972 US Men’s Basketball Olympic Team Losing to Russia

In 1972, the Russian (then Soviet Union’s) Men’s Basketball team beat the odds-on favorites and defending champions, the US Men’s Basketball Olympic Team in a match that screamed of dishonesty and fixings.


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It may be worthwhile to note that the whole thing occurred just days after 11 Israeli Olympic athletes had been kidnapped and murdered by Palestinian terrorists, all under the watch of the Olympic officials; the 1972 Olympics were one of the worst and strangest in history. A combination of unclear rules, seemingly random clock stoppages and bizarre referee decisions gave the Soviet team enough chances to win 51-50, including a highly contested NON-buzzer-beater that gave the Russian team the extra point they needed to win. The buzzer had already sounded, the Russian player had already missed his second inbound attempt (a chance that was itself controversial), and the Americans (then ahead 50-49) were already celebrating. The head of FIBA ordered the Soviets be allowed a third chance to take the ball out of bounds, for some reason, and Aleksandr Belov sunk it in for two points. To this day the Americans refused to acknowledge the win. 40 years on, none of the silver medals have ever been claimed by any of the members of the US team, and the IOC is being urged to consider retroactively awarding the American team duplicate gold medals.


source: wikipedia