15 Shocking Conspiracy Theories In Sports

15. Seattle Seahawks Slick The Ball In 2006 NFL Playoffs

Tony Romo is associated with more than his fair share of blunders, including his relationship with Jessica Simpson. But in 2006 he exceeded everyone’s lowest expectations and spectacularly botched the snap his team needed to win the game and advance to the NFL finals. During the 2006 NFL playoffs, the Dallas Cowboys were playing defending NFC champions the Seattle Seahawks, and found themselves down 21-20 on the one-yard line in the game’s final seconds. Their kicker, Martin Gramatica, needed to kick the ball for an extra point to tie the game.


source: wikipedia

Tony Romo held the ball. Gramatica ran to it. Romo proceeded to fumble the ball just before Gramatica could kick it, letting it turn over in his hands like it was a jellyfish coated in baby oil. He tried to run it in to the endzone for a two-point try, but the Seattle Seahawks ended that attempt just inches from their endzone. The Seahawks won. And fans everywhere wondered exactly why the ball in question had been so shiny, and whether the Seahawks had handed the Cowboys a slicked ball hoping for this precise outcome.


source: pinimg