Tom Hiddleston: ‘Being Happy Is A CHOICE, Not A Natural State’

Published on May 4, 2016

TOM HIDDLESTON sees a bit of himself in his AVENGERS co-star MARK RUFFALO.

Tom Hiddleston

The two actors are both known for their positive outlooks and laid-back natures, much to the delight of both fans and interviewers.

However, 35-year-old Tom disagrees with people who claim his enthusiasm and optimistic outlook is his natural state, explaining it’s actually a choice he consciously makes.

“I said to (Mark when I met him), ‘you have such a sunny disposition!’ And he does. He’s such a nice man, the rumours are true,” Tom told Britain’s Esquire magazine. “And he said, ‘the bigger the front, the bigger the back, man!’ And he gave me this look like, ‘you know what I mean.’ And I think that’s true of me, too.

“It’s a choice. Not a natural disposition.”

Part of Tom’s appeal is that he doesn’t divulge too much about his personal life, preferring to keep both his personal highs and lows out the media’s spotlight.

One topic he can’t escape though is the Bond rumours, with many pitting him against fellow Brit Idris Elba to become the next 007. While he’s flattered that his name has been thrown into the ring, Tom is more comfortable talking about Bond as a general character rather than a role he may soon play.

Tom Hiddleston

“I think it’s because he represents an archetype,” he said of the national obsession with the super sleuth. “There’s this idea of British strength which doesn’t draw attention to itself but gets the job done. That’s our brand. We know it’s inelegant to blow your own trumpet and impolite to show how much you care, and yet we expect you to win!

“You don’t find it in France or Spain. Captain America is dressed in the American flag — the heroism is so much more overt. But Bond is debonair, detached, good humoured, well mannered, efficient, charming.”