Stephanie March’s Motion For $105,000 In Divorce Battle DISMISSED

Actress STEPHANIE MARCH has been handed a legal defeat after a judge dismissed her motion for $105,000 (GBP65,625) in her ongoing divorce battle with celebrity chef BOBBY FLAY.

Stephanie March

The former couple settled its divorce in July (15), but earlier this month (Nov15), March filed a motion demanding $105,000, claiming videos on the Food Network’s website featuring her violates a term in their divorce agreement, which prevents either party from profiting from each other’s image, according to the New York Post.

On Wednesday (25Nov15), Flay’s lawyer argued the videos were made before the divorce and the chef does not have control of where they appear, so he should not be held responsible. Justice Matthew Cooper agreed and dismissed the case.

“My client has made it very clear that he has no control over what the Food Network does,” Flay’s lawyer Jeremy Bethels said. “This is not about the agreement, it’s not really about justice. It’s about revenge.”

Stephanie March

“It sounds like the kind of case that should be in small claims court,” Cooper ruled.

He also ruled against a $14,000 (GBP8,750) claim March made for costs she accrued while moving out of a condominium the couple shared in New York.

“He paid the $8,000 for the movers, then (comes) a company out of Los Angeles – which strikes me as odd,” Cooper added. “Why couldn’t this be somebody from New York? This is a huge amount of money for moving what I gather was very little.”

March and Flay declined to comment on the case following the hearing.