Sofia Vergara Keeps Lips Sealed Over DIVERSITY Issue

Published on February 4, 2016

SOFIA VERGARA wouldn’t dare complain about diversity in Hollywood because she knows she would be seen as ungrateful.


The Colombian actress found fame thanks to award-winning TV show Modern Family and has also won over fans with roles in movies Chef, Hot Pursuit and Machete Kills, all of which play on her heritage. A hot topic in showbiz at the moment is lack of diversity in the industry, with this year’s (16) Oscar nominations triggering outrage due to no black talent being recognised. Although Sofia understands there’s a problem, she doesn’t feel in a position to comment on it personally.

“I’m really not one to complain,” she told The Edit. “I mean, seriously, how dare I! Here I am on prime time television with this stupid accent, I can’t trash anyone. It would be so ungrateful of me because, trust me, I’ve been treated like a queen. Of course (the opportunities) can’t compare to an American or Caucasian woman’s, but things are changing.

“The problem is not the networks or directors: it’s that there aren’t enough writers creating things for Latinos. Once we have more Latinos writing, that’s when things may really start to change…”

Sofia is married to fellow A-lister Joe Manganiello, whose biggest job to date was arguably in the Magic Mike movies. Joe strips off in the films, showing off his muscles in the process. Sofia’s womanly curves are also frequently commented on, but she doesn’t feel wary about her sex symbol status.

“I’ve never understood why women get so offended (by being objectified),” the actress shrugged. “I just don’t believe in all that drama, which is why I’ve made a whole joke out of it. I am secure enough not to take it all seriously, and I like to laugh at myself.

“My husband played a male stripper in Magic Mike, do you think he was offended by (the objectification)? I thought it was hilarious. As for whether he has ever danced for me, I couldn’t really say…”