Sky Ferreira Speaks Out Over ‘OFFENSIVE’ Article

Published on June 21, 2016

SKY FERREIRA has responded angrily to a magazine profile of her which attracted widespread criticism for its perceived sexism.

Sky Ferreira

The article, written by LA Weekly’s music critic Art Tavana and titled ‘Sky Ferreira’s Sex Appeal Is What Pop Music Needs Right Now’ was condemned by a number of other writers for its focus on the singer’s looks, in particular her breasts, and explaining her success as a musician as being due to her sex appeal.

After the controversy erupted the magazine’s music editor Andy Herman published an apology for running the profile of the 23-year-old star.

Now, the musician herself has responded to the controversy in a series of posts on Twitter, detailing the sexism she has experienced since becoming a celebrity.

“95 percent of articles & interviews about me have had something offensive, false or (sometimes extremely) sexist,” she writes. “Some have been more passive aggressive or subtle & socially acceptable. I’m obviously a lot more than my ‘sex appeal’ or my ‘knockers’. I’m not ashamed of either of those things either.”

The One singer explains that she has been “frustrated” in the past by writers’ focus on her looks and that negative articles about her, “really took a toll on me in a personal level.”

She adds, “I’m not a think piece. I’m not a f**king example … The reason good or bad & who I am or whatever I’ve done is ME.”

Sky Ferreira

Although LA Weekly has issued an apology for the offending article, it remains online with Herman explaining that he feels to remove it would be wrong.

“Once you publish something on the internet, it’s out there forever in one form or another — so for us to attempt to erase it would be disingenuous,” he wrote in his apology.