Shia Labeouf Finds It FREEING To ‘Recover From Mistakes’

TRANSFORMERS star SHIA LABEOUF has discussed his multiple arrests in an essay for a new book.

The actor has been arrested six times and speaks about his experiences in an essay titled Error Breeds Sense for the book Prison Ramen.

He discusses how getting in trouble with the law helps him gain perspective.

Shia Labeouf

“When I’m nervous in my creativity, I think of my failures in life and in art,” he writes in an excerpt published by America’s People magazine. “Thinking about my screw-ups loosens the grip of fear. It’s freeing to f**k up and to recover.”

The 29-year-old star candidly discusses being arrested at the age of nine for stealing a pair of Nike Cortezes. He was held for six hours during that first incident.

The second time he was 11 and stole a Gameboy Pokemon, again spending about six hours in a substation.

Despite these early experiences, it wasn’t until later on in life that Shia understood the implications of arrest.

“The third time I was 20, in Van Nuys, California,” he recalls. “I tried to stab my neighbour and spent two days in jail. While I was there, I at least understood that being in jail is not the move. It sucks a**.”

But not every experience has been unpleasant.

Shia Labeouf

The fourth time he refused to leave a Walgreen’s in Chicago and had to spend the night locked up.

“I had the best sleep ever,” he admits.

Shia even discusses a very recent arrest, which occurred during a Broadway performance of Cabaret in 2014.

“The most recent time was 2014, when I was 28 and in New York City,” he says. “I went to see the play Cabaret. I didn’t behave very well during the performance and ended up spending 25 hours or so behind bars…”

The star is also currently facing a charge of misdemeanour public intoxication following an arrest in Austin, Texas, on Friday (09Oct15).