Serena Williams Ill After Eating DOG FOOD

Published on May 12, 2016

Tennis champion Serena Williams is feeling “really sick” after downing a spoonful of dog food.

Serena Williams. (Copy)

The legendary 34-year-old athlete revealed on her Snapchat account this week (beg09May16) that she had undergone a strange culinary experiment inspired by her pet pooch.

“I’m like, ‘What the heck, I’m going to try a piece. It looks good’,” she said of sampling her dog’s salmon and rice meal in the social media video, according to TMZ. “So I ate a spoonful. Don’t judge me! I ate a spoonful.”

“So now I feel really sick,” she added, noting illness took hold mere hours after her adventurous dog gruel gulp. “It was just a spoonful. I am on the struggle boat.”

However, Serena normally eats very nutritious foods, previously telling Bon Appetit magazine health enthusiasts would be impressed with the items she has stocked in her refrigerator.

Serena Williams (Copy)

“My fridge is really just vegan: coconut water, Gatorade (my favourite!), cucumbers, mint, kale, vegetables, ginger, and wheat grass,” she detailed.

But in another interview with Fitness magazine, the four-time Olympic gold medalist confessed she chows down on delicious calorific meals when she’s not training for a huge tournament.

“I love Southern food,” she gushed. “I don’t try to eat healthy when I’m in South Carolina for the Family Circle Cup tournament. I eat shrimp and grits with butter on top, fried chicken, and, oh, do I eat the fried hush puppies! And the banana pudding — mmm, mmm, mmm! I let myself go that whole week and then another week after that. I can’t take cheat days too often because my cheat days are usually cheat months!”