Selena Gomez & Paul Rudd Hunted For GHOSTS While Making Road Trip Movie

Published on February 1, 2016

SELENA GOMEZ and PAUL RUDD went ghost hunting on nights off while shooting new movie drama The Fundamentals of Caring.

Selena Gomez

The odd couple bonded while making the road trip movie and Ant-Man star Rudd introduced his new pal to the Ghost Radar app that allows wannabe spook hunters to track down ghouls and things that go bump in the night.

“The most memorable experiences I had with the gang were just being in random motels, hotels, abandoned places…” Selena told Vulture.

Paul added, “Those are good bonding times for all of us sitting in this hotel room.”

“And then we got the ghost app, remember?” Selena giggled. “We were hunting ghosts, and he humoured me so I could believe it was real.”

But superstitious Selena is convinced they really did stumble upon something from the other side, adding, “I think her name was Cathy or something?”

Paul admitted he was instantly hooked on the ghost finder app: “You get it on your phone and if you’re near a ghost, it would tell you.”

“At 3am anything is entertaining,” the Come & Get It singer laughed.

 Paul Rudd

But Rudd was entertaining for the entire shoot and in fact the giggles didn’t stop on set – because he was so funny.

“I can’t get anything done,” Selena recalled. “All I did was laugh the entire time.”

In the film, Rudd plays an out-of-work novelist who’s charged with looking after a foul-mouthed wheelchair-bound teenager on a road trip. Selena plays a young runaway called Dot.