Sarah Hyland: ‘Drinking Problem Rumours Are RIDICULOUS’

Actress SARAH HYLAND has laughed off reports she has a drinking problem.

Sarah Hyland

The Modern Family star is a regular on the party scene and is one of Taylor Swift’s much revered Squad members. Sarah is part of the influential A-list gang alongside the likes of Hailee Steinfeld and models Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid, but she reveals that does not mean she has a penchant for hitting the bottle.

Hitting out at an article from America’s OK! Magazine claiming the 25-year-old drinks two glasses of wine a day and was once seen downing four glasses while having lunch at a restaurant in Brentwood, California, Sarah says the story is pure fiction – on every count.

“Hahahaha the most ridiculous thing about this article is me having lunch in Brentwood. #dominosathome,” she tweeted to her 1.27 million followers.

One eagle eyed fan also thought the story was absurd, telling Sarah: “Well that was out of context @OK_Magazine @Sarah_Hyland

“I mean really though @Sarah_Hyland Next week they will say that you’re binge eating pizza, and it’s out of control.”

US actor Ryan Pinkston, who used to regularly appear on Punk’d, also stuck up for the actress.The Modern Family star

“I will find this source!” he promised. “They’re leaking all of your secrets! Now every (sic) knows you’re a small girl! @Sarah_Hyland”

Petit Sarah saw the funny side and quickly shot back: “Aw man! I thought I was getting away with the illusion that I’m 5’10!!!”

Sarah is a prolific social media user and often posts about her life, including things to do with her A-list pals. She recently wondered online if she’d been watching too much of prison drama Orange Is the New Black, when she started to get tough about her friends.

Sarah Hyland

“My first #subtweet. “I know. And don’t you dare think I’m gonna let you live this down.”… Did I do it right? Did the message come across?” she queried on Twitter.

“I just mean you don’t mess with my friends without messing with me. Or maybe I’ve just been watching too much @OITNB (Orange Is the New Black). Who knows. (sic)”