Ryan Gosling’s Uncle: ‘Rachel McAdams Is His ONE’

Published on January 18, 2016

RYAN GOSLING’s uncle still believes the star’s soulmate is RACHEL MCADAMS.

Rachel McAdams&Ryan Gosling

The two stars met when they shot 2004 romance The Notebook together, and although they initially intensely disliked each other, love blossomed. To the delight of film fans the pair dated from 2005 until 2008, with Ryan’s Uncle Kevin still astounded they couldn’t make it work.

“It sure seemed like Rachel was The One for him,” he told Britain’s Heat magazine.

Kevin is such a fan of Rachel, 37, he still has a photograph of her with his nephew hanging in his home. The actress was a joy to have around, according to Kevin, who has fond memories of their time together.

“We really liked her. We got to spend an evening with her, three or four hours,” he recalled. “We sat drinking beers with her until two in the morning, laughing all the time. She didn’t seem like a movie star at all. It was amazing how comfortable we were, just sitting around the kitchen table, talking.

“We’re going to see her new movie Spotlight because we still like her; she’s a great actress. Why didn’t it work out? We don’t really know.”

Ryan has moved on with Eva Mendes, 41, and they have a little girl, called Esmeralda, together, but Kevin, who lives in Ontario, Canada, is yet to meet the Hollywood actress.

Rachel McAdams

“I never got to meet Eva because when she came in 2012, she only spent 90 minutes or so at my brother Billy’s place nearby,” he explained. “They were coming from somewhere and going to some place else. It really was a flying visit. They were soon off and gone.”