Rob Kardashain And Blac Chyna Reveal Baby’s GENDER

Reality stars ROB KARDASHIAN and BLAC CHYNA are expecting a baby daughter.

Chyna and Rob

The pair’s reality show Rob & Chyna premiered on E! on Sunday night (11Sep16), with the couple heading to Chyna’s gynaecologist for a scan to find out the baby’s gender.

Speaking to the doctor before the scan, Rob said: “I’m pretty nervous… I’m excited. I really want a boy.”

But after being told they are having a girl, Rob appeared to be struggling with his emotions, telling Chyna: “Oh, that’s crazy!”

“Me wanting to have a boy stems from my relationship with my dad,” Rob told the camera later in the episode. “I’m just happy that the baby’s healthy and I am super happy I am having a girl. ”

The baby will be the first daughter for Chyna, who is already mother to three-year-old son King Cairo with her ex-fiance Tyga, who is now dating Rob’s half-sister Kylie Jenner.

After leaving the doctors, Chyna and Rob agreed to keep news of the baby’s gender a secret. But Rob couldn’t keep the exciting news quiet, and told his mother Kris Jenner at the first opportunity.

Upon discovering her future mother-in-law knew they are having a daughter, Chyna told the camera: “I’m so confused. Rob and I agreed that we were going to wait and do a cool surprise with the gender reveal, but Rob told his mom.

“I guess that is just the Kardashian family … talk, talk, talk, talk.”

Black Chyna

Later in the episode, Chyna and Rob were seen having another fight after Rob went through his fiancee’s phone without her permission.

This then led to Chyna getting suspicious that it was in fact Rob who was guilty of something and, when she confronted him, he admitted to texting other girls.

While he insisted they were entirely platonic texts, Chyna decided to kick Rob out of her house. Just 24 hours later, Chyna attempted to find her beau to reconcile, but couldn’t get hold of him so drove to Kris’ house in the hope that he might be there.

When Kris asked her why she had kicked Rob out, Chyna replied: “I feel like he doesn’t have a main focus. He thinks I am going to cheat on him … that’s not cool.”

Kris replied that Rob is “depressed” and “not motivated”, to which Chyna responded by telling the camera later: “I can not, one person fix him on my own. I just wish Rob would man up… that worries me.”