Religious Group Calls For Selena Gomez Concert CANCELLATION

Published on July 21, 2016

Members of a religious group in Malaysia have called for SELENA GOMEZ’s upcoming concert in the country to be cancelled due to her “sexy appearances”.

Selena Gomez

The Come & Get It singer is due to perform at the Malawati Indoor Stadium on 25 July (16), but officials at the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) Youth have objected to the concert because they believe Selena, who sometimes dresses provocatively, can damage the morals of the conservative nation’s Muslims.

Committee chairman Hafez Sabri said in a statement, “The presence of the American-born singer, who is synonymous with sexy appearances, would tarnish the sanctity of the month of Syawal which is being celebrated in earnest and further stoke the hedonistic culture among the country’s youths.”

The month of Syawal, or Shawwal, comes after the month of Ramadan, when Muslims are expected to fast. Post-Ramadan celebrations take place during Syawal.

“It is a priority and the responsibility of PAS Youth to ensure that there are no elements which can destroy the younger generation. Hence, we are committed to opposing such a concert,” he added.

Sabri called on the state’s Islamic Religious council to issue a ban on the event and said the state government representatives should have been more careful when approving the concert to make sure it follows entertainment guidelines set by the Islamic Religious Department.

The Asian leg of the Revival tour kicks off in Jakarta, Indonesia on Saturday (23Jul16) and also stops in Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, and Japan.

Selena Gomez

Selena, 23, was reportedly due to perform in China as well, but the two concerts were removed from her website in April (16) without announcement. It is thought they were blocked by Chinese authorities due to her association with spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, who has been an unpopular figure in China since he fled to India and established a Tibetan government.

Selena was once pictured with the leader at a charity event in Canada and she posted the snap on Instagram with the caption, “words of wisdom. #speechless.”