Pete Wentz: ‘Being In A Band Is A Matter Of SURVIVAL’

Published on July 28, 2016

PETE WENTZ admits it can be a struggle to “survive” in FALL OUT BOY without wanting to “murder” his bandmates.

Pete Wentz

The 37-year-old bassist and Patrick Stump, Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman founded the band in 2001, and 15 years on the musicians are still churning out hits.

But after all this time Pete still feels the group is in its “the awkward teenage years”, meaning the guys have their fair share of disputes.

“I saw Lars Ulrich from Metallica when I was out the other day and I was like, ‘Half of it is just surviving,'” he recalled to Yorkshire Evening Post. “It’s an uptown problem that it’s hard to be in a band, it’s not a real world problem, but it is hard to be in a band with the same bunch of guys for a bunch of years. It’s like being with your siblings on a submarine, you want to murder each other and you love each other and you want to crash the submarine, that whole thing. Part of it is just surviving.”

Reasoning that Fall Out Boy is in that in-between stage where the group isn’t just starting out, but don’t have Dave Grohl on speed dial, Pete can’t help but feel he and his bandmates are often the ones “sneaking” into the party.

Fall out Boy

Anyone who didn’t know the group before are bound to have heard its music now though thanks to Pete-and-co covering the famous Ghostbusters track for the new female-led movie remake. The quartet reached out to director Paul Feig and was joined by Missy Elliot, with the collaboration a natural fit.

“Missy was open to it and laid down a big Missy Elliott verse. It was pretty organic,” Pete recalled.