One Direction Land FAMILY GUY Cameo

Published on January 8, 2016

The stars of ONE DIRECTION are getting animated for a guest appearance on hit cartoon comedy FAMILY GUY.

One Direction

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Story of My Life singers will gather around a fire for a camping scene with troublesome cartoon baby Stewie, voiced by series creator Seth MacFarlane.

But not all the boys have lines in the scene – only Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson recorded their voice for the episode, according to reports.

“There are not a lot of shows that, in the same season, feature guest-star appearances by both Frank Sinatra, Jr. and One Direction,” executive producers Richard Appel and Steve Callaghan tell Entertainment Weekly in a statement. “And we really enjoyed their time with us, until we realized we were both old enough to be their fathers.”

One Direction’s Family Guy debut, in which Stewie scares the lads with a tale about non-skinny jeans, will air in May (16).

It will serve as a nice refresher for the group’s fans after the quartet announced a hiatus throughout 2016, so they could concentrate on solo projects. The break began just before Christmas.

One Direction

Meanwhile, music mogul Simon Cowell, who signed the group to his Syco Records label after bringing them together on his reality show The X Factor in 2010, will also be a part of the episode, titled Run, Chris, Run, although it is not yet known if he recorded his character’s dialogue himself.

Family Guy is known for its famous cameos – Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine and actors Liam Neeson, Ben Stiller, Ryan Reynolds, Charlie Sheen, Anne Hathaway, and Drew Barrymore, are just some of the stars who have voiced roles for the cartoon series over the years.