Olly Murs STARSTRUCK At Jennifer Lawrence Meeting

Pop star OLLY MURS was almost speechless when he sat down to interview his celebrity crush, JENNIFER LAWRENCE, on Wednesday (11Nov15).

Olly Murs (Copy)

After confessing he was smitten by the actress in a BBC interview last month (Oct15), Murs was invited to join radio host Nick Grimshaw for a chat with The Hunger Games star – and he wasted no time in gushing over her.

The awkward encounter began with Grimshaw informing Lawrence that his pal was the “biggest Jennifer Lawrence fan in the world”, prompting the stunned actress to state, “You are? You’ve virtually ignored me since I got here.”

Starstruck Murs plucked up the courage to ask his crush about her onscreen kissing technique, asking her what it was like to kiss a friend, like fellow interviewees Josh Hutchinson and Liam Hemsworth.

Jennifer Lawrence (Copy)

“I always say, ‘I’m taking bottom lip’, because I like bottom lip,” Lawrence laughed. “I don’t do that in my personal life, I just kinda let the cards fall where they may.”

Murs, who recently split from longtime girlfriend Francesca Thomas, shot back, “I’d let you have bottom lip.”