Oli Sykes: ‘Coldplay Tried To KICK Us Out Of NME Awards’

Published on February 19, 2016

BRING ME THE HORIZON frontman OLI SYKES alleges COLDPLAY tried to kick the band out of the NME Awards after he jumped onto their table and trashed it.

Oli Sykes

The heavy metal stars were performing at the London ceremony on Wednesday (17Feb16) when Oli leaped onto Coldplay’s table in the audience and kicked their drinks until the table toppled over.

He spoke out to insist he did not actively seek out Coldplay for his stunt after video footage circulated on the Internet, telling NME magazine, “It was in no way a protest against Coldplay.”

Reports initially suggested frontman Chris Martin found the incident funny, but Oli now claims Chris, who has allegedly complained about them before, was furious and tried to get the band kicked out.

He tells Britain’s The Sun newspaper, “They’d been promised those wine bottles. A chubby guy came round to their table and asked them what they wanted to drink. Chris told them – then I stood on it… I was going to say sorry, but right after his abusive and out-of-order reaction, I’m out. They tried to kick us out. It’s proper got out of hand.”


Explaining why he did the stunt, Oli says, “I was trying to be rock ‘n’ roll but it was the wrong table, the wrong crowd… That’s the first time you’ve seen Chris Martin angry. Chris has slagged us off before. Coldplay being mad at you is like your RE (religious education) teacher being mad at you. You know, your parents aren’t even going to care ‘cos they know it’s s**te. It’s f**king w**k. We’re trying to break down the system.”