Nick Jonas: ‘Demi Lovato’s Split Came At The Best Time’

Published on June 16, 2016

DEMI LOVATO and WILMER VALDERRAMA’s split was “the best timing for everybody”, according to NICK JONAS.

Nick Jonas

The 23-year-old singer and her 36-year-old beau announced their split earlier this month (Jun16) after six years of dating. Demi and Nick are currently gearing up for their Future Now tour, and the former Jonas Brothers singer thinks hitting the road is going to be the best distraction for Demi.

“It’s probably the best timing for everybody,” Nick told Entertainment Tonight. “I’ve built an amazing friendship with Wilmer over the years and I have so much love for him. Demi is one of my closest friends in the world so I’m here for her, and for both of them really.”

It remains to be seen what Demi and Nick, who have been friends since they starred together in Disney movie Camp Rock, get up to on their Future Now Tour. But Nick is getting more than a little excited about kicking things off at their first show on 29 June (16) in Atlanta, Georgia.

“The biggest thing is about having a good time,” Nick smiled. “I just put my album Last Year Was Complicated out and I’m having fun seeing the reaction to that. So fun is key.

“I actually think that gets lost on people you know? They get out on the road and they start losing sight of how great it is every night to be able to walk out on that stage and have 25-30,000 people singing back the words to your songs to you.”

Both Nick and Demi have been in the music industry since they were children, and are well versed in what they need to have to ensure their tour is comfortable for everyone.

Among his “must haves”, Nick insists he always has lots of water in order to stay fully hydrated, as well as surrounding himself with good people.

“I know that’s a weird thing to say, but I like to keep good people around,” he added. “Which is probably why me and Demi decided to go on tour together – because she’s good people.”

Wilmer Valderrama

Nick believes 2016 is going to continue delivering for him – with success in both the music and acting fields.

“This year’s been pretty good so far,” he grinned. “I’m on track to have one of my biggest debuts as a solo artist ever, and I’m happy with what I released. I’m proud of my work.”