Minnie Driver SUED By Neighbour

Published on May 10, 2016

MINNIE DRIVER’s spat with her neighbour has become a legal matter.

Minnie Driver (Copy)

Daniel Perelmutter claims the actress has been throwing baby food jars filled with black paint against his walls, and he has filed a new lawsuit against her.

In the documents obtained by TMZ, he says Driver is interfering with construction work at his home – and he’s stressed out.

Daniel is asking the court to remove the electronic gate he used to share with Minnie because she has cut off his access.

Police officers were called to Driver’s California home last week (03May16), following an argument between the actress and her neighbour.

The Good Will Hunting star has been feuding with Daniel Perelmutter since last year (15), when she obtained a restraining order against him after she accused him of jumping out in front of her car, cursing at her, and blowing cigar smoke into her children’s faces.

Minnie Driver . (Copy)

On Tuesday, Driver and Perelmutter reportedly became embroiled in an altercation over a delivery truck, which was blocking her driveway. Police officers were called to the scene and the parties were reportedly informed the issue was a civil matter.

The actress won a restraining order against her neighbour following a series of driveway altercations last year (15), and Perelmutter was ordered to stay at least 15 yards away from Minnie and her children until a hearing in January (16).