Mila Kunis Is EAGER To Have More KIDS After Filming Bad Moms

Published on May 06, 2016

Actress Mila Kunis is keen on having more children with husband Ashton Kutcher.

Mila Kunis (Copy)

The Hollywood A-listers welcomed daughter Wyatt in October, 2014, and she tells Entertainment Tonight she is determined to expand their family.

“I’m not pregnant… but absolutely I do want to have more kids one day, for sure,” Mila insisted.

Mila is currently promoting her new movie, Bad Moms, which also stars Kristen Bell, Jada Pinkett Smith and Christina Applegate. All four women are mothers and Mila’s eagerness to have more babies was partly inspired by spending so much time with her fabulous maternal castmates on set.

“Everybody in this movie is a mum,” she gushed. “The first thing that happens at five in the morning (when we arrive on set) is, ‘How’d your baby sleep? How was the night?’ That’s the first thing you ask: ‘How are the kids?'”

Although Mila couldn’t wait to see her co-stars everyday, when husband Ashton came to visit her during the shoot, he had his mind set on meeting American football superstar J.J. Watt, who plays a hunk in the movie.

Mila Kunis. (Copy)

Under the guise of seeing his wife, Mila thinks Ashton clearly ‘fan-boyed’ out when he met his sports hero.

Filming the raucous comedy also allowed Mila to reflect on her own parenting skills and when asked what makes her a bad mom, the star confessed she often gives up on discipline when her daughter does something cute.

“I’m on a schedule and things don’t always add to that schedule; I have to remind myself (to be firm on rules),” she explained. “She (Wyatt) goes, ‘Mama’, and I’m like, ‘Forget it’.”