Matt Healy: ‘Usher THOUGHT I Was Skrillex’

Published on June 30, 2016

THE 1975 frontman MATT HEALY was left furious after R&B star USHER mistook him for DJ SKRILLEX.

Matt Healy

The Chocolate hitmakers were just hitting it big in their native U.K. when Matt attended the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas in 2013. And when he found himself standing next to a bonafide celebrity during a gig at the event, he was left feeling more embarrassed than starstruck.

When asked by Pitchfork if there has been a moment in his life he felt like a “complete idiot,” Matt admitted, “There are so many. At South by Southwest in 2013, I was standing by the side of the stage and Usher – actual f**king Usher – bounded over to me, like, ‘Yo man, what’s up?’ And I’m like, ‘Hello, mate. How you doing?’ And then he made some weird excuse and left very quickly.

“As he was leaving, I realised he thought I was f**king Skrillex, and it p**sed me off so much. I haven’t run into him since – but I’m definitely going to pretend to be Skrillex if I do.”

Matt, 27, added that being a star has just made him even more uneasy as the years go on, explaining: “When you start becoming a pop star, you think, ‘Hold on a second, maybe my life is different now – maybe all these people that I thought of as celebrities are going to be normal, and when I walk into a room I’m going to be really cool and so is everyone else. But that’s not what happens at all.


“I was awkward, and then I just retreated from any social engagement for about a year. I’m a bit of a hermit now. Russell Brand has an amazing quote: ‘My life is a series of embarrassing events strung together by me telling people about those embarrassing events.’ I empathise with that.”