Matt Damon DRIVEN By Loyal Fans

Published on June 03, 2016

MATT DAMON came back to the Bourne franchise because of his fans.

Matt Damon

The American actor is back to his action best in the upcoming Jason Bourne film, marking the fourth time he’s played the famous spy on the silver screen after sitting out of 2012’s The Bourne Legacy. Despite admitting there were times when he felt there was “zero chance” of him returning to the movie series, it was Matt’s loyal followers who spurred him on and made the revival all the more sweeter.

“People would come up (to me) on the street and ask, ‘Are you guys going to make another one?'” he recalled to Total Film magazine. “I’ve been in the movie business long enough to realise what a gift that is. Having an audience that is actually there and really wants to see something is not to be taken lightly.”

It’s been 14 years since the debut feature, The Bourne Identity, was released, and Matt was wary of his age impacting the character of Jason in the new instalment. Luckily he sought reassurance from someone who had faced a similar scenario, his close pal and colleague on many occasions, Ben Affleck.

“Being 29 and being 45 is completely different,” Matt grinned. “Those two aren’t even on speaking terms. I spoke to Ben about it when he did Batman (in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice). We said, ‘What a luxury.’ What regular person gets to do something so indulgent that they have four hours a day to work out and see what the body can do at 45? I get to do that now. So I enjoy that. And now I’m enjoying not doing that at all!”

Matt Damon

For Jason Bourne, Matt and director, producer and writer Paul Greengrass made sure they went “big” for Jason’s comeback, but in the right way. Rather than pour attention into CGI and special effects, the Hollywood star promises the story was the priority.

Matt is reunited with former co-star Julia Stiles, with newcomers such as Alicia Vikander and Vincent Cassel also making the line-up. It hits cinemas from late July (16).