Madeleine Stowe ‘HELD At Gunpoint During Robbery’

Published on May 16, 2016

MADELEINE STOWE was held at gunpoint by a home intruder, law enforcement documents has revealed.

Madeleine Stowe

The 12 Monkeys star and her husband Brian Benben were asleep in their house last September (15), when a man broke in. Stowe was woken when the man started rummaging through things in the master bathroom and got out of bed to go and see what was happening. At this point the actress, who had been sleeping nude, came across a Latino man in the bathroom, who then held a gun to her neck.

Stowe told police that the man spoke with a heavy accent in broken English and told her: “I want all the valuable, I want something,” according to

After Stowe gave the intruder a bag full of $75,000 worth of antique jewellery, he got away.

Madeleine Stowe

Several months later, police caught the suspect, a man called Walter Canizalez, as he apparently attempted another break-in. He was allegedly wearing a Spider-Man mask, which he had done for some of the other alleged robberies.

TMZ report that authorities believe Canizalez had pulled off another three armed robberies, and he has now been charged with over 15 counts – including sexual battery and robbery.