Macaulay Culkin ANGERED By Heroin Addiction Claims

Published on July 18, 2016

MACAULAY CULKIN has opened up about reports he was addicted to the drug heroin, claiming they were hugely overblown.

In 2012 U.S. tabloid The National Enquirer quoted a source they claimed was a “close friend” of Macaulay as saying the former child star was in a “downward spiral” after becoming addicted to the deadly narcotic, and was spending around $6,000 (£4,525) a month on feeding his habit.

Macaulay Culkin

Photographs of the 35-year-old actor looking excessively gaunt and unwell were also published, fuelling speculation he was battling personal demons.

At the time the reports forced the Home Alone star’s publicist to issue a vehement denial that he was using the drug, calling the allegations “impossibly and ridiculously fictitious”.

Now, in an interview with Britain’s The Guardian newspaper, Macaulay has said that although he understands people’s concern for his welfare, claims he was a drug addict were massively overblown.

When asked whether people were right to be worried about him he explains, “Not necessarily. Of course, when silly stuff is going on – but no, I was not pounding six grand ($6,000 worth) of heroin every month or whatever. The thing that bugged me was tabloids wrapping it all in this weird guise of concern. No, you’re trying to shift papers.”

Asked whether he would one day reveal the full story of the episode he adds, “Perhaps.”

Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay’s transformation from an angelic child star into a wayward artist, rocker and DJ has led to fevered speculation about his private life, though the star can make light of the situation.

“I’ve been trying to come up with even more original sins, that’ll really blow my priest away at confession,” he reveals. “Like, here’s one you haven’t heard – it involves a pitching wedge (golf club), a donkey and a bucket of ice.”

He also has no regrets about a life that has seen him go from Hollywood’s highest paid child actor to taking jobs as a roadie for touring rock bands and playing occasional gigs with his parody rock group The Pizza Underground.

“It’s allowed me to become the person I am, and I like me, so I wouldn’t change a thing,” Macaulay adds.