Lars Ulrich: ‘I Told Lemmy He Was Obliged To LIVE Forever’

METALLICA star LARS ULRICH had a candid conversation with LEMMY KILMISTER about death just days before the veteran rocker was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Lars Ulrich

The Motorhead frontman passed away on Monday (28Dec15), just two days after doctors told him he had just months to live, and the loss sent the rock world into mourning.

Lars has now revealed he caught up with Lemmy at the rocker’s 70th birthday party in Los Angeles on 13 December (15), and the drummer told his idol he had an “obligation” to the music world to “live forever”.

In a tribute piece penned for Rolling Stone, Lars writes, “I was down at the 70th party two weeks ago, and I got a chance to sit with him for about 10 minutes, just him and me. I told him it was his obligation to the rock & roll community to live forever, because he was the reason we could all get together… because we’re all so scattered now. His birthday party was like a hard-rock class reunion…

“Obviously I could tell that he was in deteriorating health but we had a close bond…”

Lars goes on to reveal he was considering going to see Lemmy after hearing his cancer news, but the rocker died just hours after the drummer was told of the diagnosis.

 Lemmy Kilmister

“I was speaking to a friend of mine yesterday (28Dec15) who knows Motorhead’s manager very well and he told me that things were not well and maybe I should consider going down to L.A. to see him and pay my respects,” Lars adds. “The cancer was very aggressive, and it was end stage and there probably wasn’t a lot of time left. That was at 1 p.m. and then I guess I heard the news (of his death) around 6 p.m. That was crazy.”

Lars concludes his tribute by adding, “I will always appreciate and forever cherish all the great times we had together… His spirit will always live in us.”