Kylie Minogue’s New Man Surprises Her With Romantic POEM

KYLIE MINOGUE fought back tears during a recent radio appearance when her current boyfriend read her a poem written by his dad.

Kylie Minogue

Actor Joshua Sasse surprised the singer during her spot on the BBC’s Desert Island Discs show on Sunday (13Dec15) when he joined her in the studio and read the poem As I Look Up, penned by his late father Dominic.

The romantic gesture almost brought Joshua’s girlfriend to tears.

“I’m a mess,” she said. “I think I stopped breathing for half of that… That was absolutely beautiful. I have tears of joy. Tears of joy, right now.”

During her radio chat as she picked out her favourite songs, Kylie cooed about her new man, stating, “I have a love in my life, which is a beautiful thing. I’m on cloud nine most of the time because of Mr. Joshua Sasse, my beau.”

The Australian star also had a former lover on her mind as she named late rocker Michael Hutchence’s INXS hit Need You Tonight among her top tunes.

“Yes, he was this wild guy, he was the rocker, he was all of that,” she revealed, “but I’m always at pains to say, he was Byron-esque, he was poetic, he was cultured and hilarious and tender, he was all of these other things… It was a glorious time. I loved it.”

Kylie Minogue

And she recalled one magical moment when Michael attended one of her early shows, adding, “He was uber, uber famous, he’s an icon already and he was in the middle of the audience just gazing up at me and willing me with all of his heart and his love to do well. He believed in me and it was a time when so many people didn’t.”

Kylie also confessed she used to offer up prayers to her ex before performing Need You Tonight on tour: “I performed it on my last world tour (and) I literally would have a word to him in my mind before I performed it every night.”

Michael and Kylie dated from 1989 to 1991 and remained close until the rock star’s death in 1997.