Kris Jenner ‘So EXCITED’ About Blac Chyna’s Pregnancy

Published on May 13, 2016

KRIS JENNER is “thrilled” about BLAC CHYNA’s pregnancy, according to reports.

The 51-year-old matriarch already has five grandchildren as her daughter Kim Kardashian is a mother of two and her eldest daughter Kourtney has three kids. But her extended family will get even bigger later this year (16) as her son Rob is expecting a baby with fiancee Blac.

Kris Jenner (Copy)

Despite previous reports that Kris and Blac don’t get on, due to the fact Blac has a three-year-old son with Tyga who, until recently, was dating Rob’s half sister Kylie Jenner, an insider has dismissed the allegations.

Not only that, but Kris is actually more than a little excited about the impending arrival.

“Kris is thrilled about the pregnancy,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. “She has made amends with the entire situation and is so excited to have another grandchild.”

Regardless of the family’s history with Blac, her influence on Rob is clear to see. Prior to his relationship with Blac, Rob had become something of a recluse, suffering from weight problems and even, allegedly, depression.

However, he is now worlds apart from his former self and is gearing up to become a parent.

Blac Chyna (Copy)

“Rob turned his life around and it’s all because of Blac Chyna,” the source added. “She has brought him back to his old self and Rob is so excited to be a father.”

Even sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian credit the model for his stunning turnaround in scenes from an upcoming episode of their reality show.

“Like, don’t we kind of think it’s a miracle that Rob, who doesn’t even show up to Christmas for the past three years, literally he wouldn’t leave his room, but the fact that now he’s created a Snapchat, the fact that now he wants to be so public, blows my mind,” says Khloe.

“She gave him confidence, more power to her. After Rob and Blac Chyna started dating, Rob is now, like, all over social media and, like, out and about,” adds Kim.