Keith Urban: ‘Nicole Kidman SAVED My Life’

Published on February 12, 2016

NICOLE KIDMAN will always be her husband KEITH URBAN’s heroine after she saved his life by urging him to get help for a drug and alcohol addiction.

Keith Urban

The actress insisted the singer get clean months after the couple wed in 2006, and helped him find a rehab facility.

“We got married, and I hadn’t taken care of my problems, and so my demons just came and kicked my a** and her a** and blew our world up,” Keith told The Boot.

“This woman rallied the troops… In so many ways, it was the most powerful act of love in reaching into the fire and pulling me out… because she believed in me, and she saw something in me in such a way that she risked everything to trust me and pull me out of the fire and let me then do the right thing and move into the light.”

Urban admits the strength of his partner really helped him turn a corner in his life, and made him realise she was put on this earth to be his saviour.

Keith Urban

“(She’s) the one I’ve been looking for and the one I’ve been preparing for, or life has been preparing me for,” the singer added.