Katy Perry’s Dad ATTACKED By Raging Christian Woman

KATY PERRY’s preacher dad defended the pop star outside a Christian radio station in Phoenix, Arizona earlier this week (beg09Nov15), when a woman accused him of raising a Satanist.

Katy Perry

Clearly not a fan of Perry’s music, the woman, named Christine, verbally attacked Keith Hudson, calling his daughter a wicked woman who has sex with demons in her videos.

She also revealed her son is a fan of Katy’s music, and she fears the Firework singer is leading him to hell.

Katy Perry.

Hudson attempted to calm the angry woman down and later told TMZ.com he felt she was “a bitter and angry woman trying to blame my kid for her kid’s mistakes”.

Katy Perry, whose birth name is Kate Hudson, grew up a staunch God-fearing Christian before turning her back on religion to become a pop star.