Jennifer Lopez: ‘ALCOHOL Is A Waste Of Money’

Published on January 22, 2016

JENNIFER LOPEZ hates the taste of alcohol so much that drinking it would be a “waste of money”.

Jennifer Lopez

Her movie roles and singing success have seen her attend countless red carpet events and parties. But one thing you’ll never see Jennifer doing is drinking. The 46-year-old is know for her clean living lifestyle, but has now revealed the reason behind being tee total – and it’s nothing to do with the health benefits of not drinking.

“I don’t drink. Don’t like the taste,” she admitted to The Independent newspaper. “It would be a waste of money. Never done drugs either!”

Regardless of the reasons behind her not drinking, Jennifer is proving to be an amazing role model for her two children, seven-year-old twins Max and Emme. She has her own parental inspiration to look up to as well, in the form of her mother Guadalupe. The former school teacher encouraged Jennifer to pursue her dreams, and made her believe that anything is possible.

“My mother said I could do anything with my life, I could even be President of the United States,” Jennifer laughed.

Jennifer kicked off her residency at the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas earlier this week, with Justin Bieber, Kelly Osbourne, Rebel Wilson and Wilmer Valderrama among her famous audience members.

The show has been praised for its combination of sultry songs and energetic dance routines, and Jennifer insists she’s determined to give her fans the best experience possible when they come to watch her.

Jennifer Lopez

“I’m not as gifted a vocalist as some of the girls out there, but I know I communicate,” she added. “It’s a much more intimate experience, and it’s about real performers. Not everybody can really do that.”

In order to keep things fresh, Jennifer has made the decision to switch the set list around every night, ensuring that each and every concert is a unique experience.