Gwen Stefani: ‘I’ll Admit I Wrote That Song About THAT GUY’

Published on February 17, 2016

GWEN STEFANI wrote MAKE ME LIKE YOU about her new boyfriend BLAKE SHELTON.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen has been romantically linked to the 39-year-old country singer since last year (15), and the pair’s relationship seems to be going extremely well judging by the cosy pictures of them together at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party.

It had been speculated that Gwen’s new high energy single was written about the country singer, with whom she stars on U.S. television talent show The Voice.

As she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night (16Feb16), Gwen was asked directly if she wrote the song for Blake.

“I will admit that song is about that guy,” she replied.

Gwen and Blake’s romance came after their divorces from Gavin Rossdale and Miranda Lambert respectively. Both breakups were incredibly difficult for all involved but Gwen admitted she is grateful she was able to cope with the situation by focusing on her music.

“What’s so crazy is that sometimes tragedy, if you really absorb it, you can turn it into something beautiful,” she explained. “And this whole album is really about trying to take something awful and healing from it and turn it into something beautiful.”


Gwen made history at this year’s Grammy Awards when she filmed a live music video for Make Me Like You during one of the commercials breaks in the evening. Jimmy showed her a picture of the first ever Grammys she had attended during her interview, with the now super stylish singer looking uncharacteristically untrendy.

“You have to understand, back in those days I didn’t have stylists, make-up artists – I didn’t have anything,” Gwen said. “I drove the van, through cornfields late at night. I was in a band with all guys and they were like, ‘You guys are going to get a Grammy, you’re nominated’. So we flew back, we’d already been on tour for probably a year and a half straight, round the world. My hair was broken off. I came into New York and I remember they took me shopping and I was like, ‘What am I going to wear?’ And someone sent me that – Dolce and Gabbana. It was one of the first times a designer had sent me something to wear for free. It was like, does it fit? Barely! I didn’t have someone to fit it on me or anything… I was still living with my parents – I was 26!”