Eva Longoria Received LINGERIE From Grandma As A Child

Actress EVA LONGORIA was often left baffled during childhood Christmases after receiving gifts of lingerie from her elderly grandmother.

Eva Longoria

The former Desperate Housewives star reveals she and her sisters would all be given lacy surprises for the holidays and they could never understand why because they were so young.

“I’ve had a lot of awkward Christmas presents,” she confesses. “My grandma, she was old, she’s since passed, but she would accidentally get us lingerie. I remember being like, eight, and going, ‘What is this?’ I didn’t know what a negligee was and she’s like, ‘It’s pyjamas!’

Eva Longoria

“I don’t think she (realised), she just saw pink and… (thought it was pyjamas). And me and my sister would be like, ‘That’s weird, grandma gave us a thong…'”