Elsa Pataky Staying Strong On NO MORE KIDS Vow

Published on March 23, 2016

ELSA PATAKY doesn’t want more children with husband CHRIS HEMSWORTH as it would “complicate things”.

Elsa Pataky

The Spanish model and actress wed Australian hunk Chris in 2010, and they have daughter India, three, and twin boys Tristan and Sasha, aged two, together.

In 2014 not long after the boys were born Elsa declared there would be no more mini Hemsworths running around, and two years later her mind set hasn’t changed.

“We’re not thinking about having any more,” she told Britain’s Hello! magazine. “I’m making a stand. Three children is enough; it’s hard enough work. For me it is very important to spend all the time I can with them when they’re at this age but now that I see them growing up a bit, I also want to work and get back to what I like. If we had more children it would complicate things.”

Despite being one of Hollywood’s hottest stars, Thor actor Chris, 32, has never conformed to celebrity life. That includes shunning a Californian home, opting instead for a family base in Byron Bay in his Native Australia.

The family recently sold their place in Malibu to relocate Down Under, but 39-year-old Elsa reveals their “idyllic” life is not so different from other people’s.

Chris Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky

“It seems idyllic because we live far away and on the beach, but we have our ups and down and there are times when we say, ‘I can’t do this anymore,’ or I’m so tired!’” she confessed. “In that respect we are like any family, dealing with stress, lack of sleep, days of travel just to get to work, because living so far away always means we have to travel a long way to get to work. But it’s worth it.”