Ellie Goulding: ‘My SANITY Has Been Tested Within The Past Month’

Published on February 1, 2016

Singer Ellie Goulding felt as if she was going insane in recent weeks.

Ellie Goulding

The 29-year-old is currently travelling across the globe performing concerts on her Delirium World Tour, which kicked off in Hamburg, Germany on 21 January (16).

But preparing for the series of shows took its toll on Ellie, with the Goodness Gracious star confessing at points she felt close to having a nervous breakdown.

“The last month has been really testing, on everything, on my sanity,” she told Britain’s Red Magazine in the publication’s March (16) issue. “The music industry isn’t like other industries – there are no rules about working hours, or taking breaks. A working day will start with a 4am flight and finish at 3am the next day. Sometimes I don’t have time to eat in the day.”

Ellie often finds herself in a position where she is feeling low but still obligated to complete tonnes of work and whenever this occurs, the musician has methods of making herself feel better.

Before performing on Alan Carr’s New Year Specstacular 2016, a British holiday TV special, Ellie and her bandmates gave themselves a boost with some intravenous supplements.

“I had to pay for me and the band to have IV vitamin drips,” she shared, noting being so exhausted felt very unceremonious while other people around them were pumped with enthusiasm over counting down to the New Year. “Can you believe it? We’re backstage at Alan Carr and we’re all sat there on drips.”

This past Christmas season (15) was even more trying for Ellie than usual because before the holiday she and longtime love Dougie Poynter decided to take a break from their nearly two-year relationship.

Ellie Goulding

The pair has recently reunited and the Lost and Found singer admits absence certainly made her fonder of Dougie during their brief breakup.

“You don’t throw something like that away so easily,” she said. “Before him, I was having a single period and hating all men, saying never again, after a series of things that happened to me. But then I met him and was like, uh-oh, game over. He was just so nice.”