Elizabeth Hurley Clears Up Shane Warne REUNION Rumour

Published on January 25, 2016

Actress/model ELIZABETH HURLEY has denied rumours she has reunited with cricket legend SHANE WARNE, and laughed off reports she forced him to have cosmetic procedures as “rubbish”.

Elizabeth Hurley

The Bedazzled star began dating the Australian sports icon in 2010 ahead of her divorce from businessman Arun Nayar the following year (11), but they were later subjected to sneering reports mocking his appearance.

Critics speculated the change in Warne since he began dating the British beauty suggested she had coerced him into undergoing teeth-whitening and other procedures to improve his looks, but she is adamant the rumours were untrue.

Elizabeth tells British magazine You, “Absolute rubbish! I’m much too self-obsessed to do that.”

The couple split in 2013 amid reports their long-distance romance was impossible to maintain, and Elizabeth has also confirmed they are still no longer together despite rumours late last year (15) suggesting they had reunited in Los Angeles.

Elizabeth Hurley

She adds, “You never say never. But, no, I think we are both set on our new courses in life. (We are) total friends. I went to see a match of his in L.A. recently, and then the next day he came to see me. I had a girlfriend with me who has always spent time with us and the three of us just lay in my bed and laughed for a few hours. We still get on brilliantly.”