Christie Brinkley OPENS UP About Boyfriend John Mellencamp

Published on July 07, 2016

CHRISTIE BRINKLEY is glad she’s found a good lover her own age, because they have so much in common.

Christie Brinkley

Billy Joel’s ex-wife has has been dating Jack & Diane rocker John Mellencamp, 64, since last year (15), and she is grateful they have been able to bond over their similar interests and ages.

“I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, we’re really opposites’,” she says. “He’s kind of a throwback from another time, like a silent cowboy, but then we talked and realised that we do have a lot of shared interests.”

“I know guys that go out with girls that are so, so young,” she adds. “They’ll throw some reference out, and they’re like, ‘What’s that?'” When it comes to relationships, there is something nice about just being the same age.”

Christie feels lucky to be in love again after her painful 2008 divorced from Peter Cook following his alleged affair with a teenage store clerk.

The model admits she went out of her way to keep the divorce drama away from the couple’s kids.

“I went through a lot,” she tells People magazine. “But you have to stay strong for your kids. You can be in absolute agony, but when you see your kids, you have to be like, ‘Hey, guys!'”

Christie reveals she found help on the website One Mom’s Battle, which she describes as “a support group for women dealing with a narcissist”, and she also worked out her frustrations performing live in the Broadway show Chicago.

“For the three hours that the show was on, nothing else existed,” she says. “It was a complete escape.”

Meanwhile, the ageless beauty admits she has had fillers to maintain her youthful looks.

Christie Brinkley

“I’m a model. I want my skin to look its best,” she says. “Some women on my Instagram will say, Oh, she’s so fake. It’s not her skincare, she gets filler.’ And it’s like, ‘OK, if I only did filler and I didn’t use my Recapture 360, I wouldn’t have the moisturising, I wouldn’t have that bounce back…’ It’s the whole thing. You have to take care of the texture of your skin.”

“As a model, if I don’t look good, I’m not gonna be able to be – I don’t wanna say (an) inspiration ’cause that sounds so full of myself,” she continues, “but I think that models generally speaking are either aspirational or inspirational.”