Charlize Theron: ‘I BLANKED OUT On Tyrese Gibson Romance’

Published on August 5, 2016

Actress CHARLIZE THERON wrecked a possible romance with singer/actor TYRESE GIBSON because failed to realise he was flirting with her.

Charlize Theron

The Hollywood A-listers met each other on the set of upcoming car-racing action movie Fast 8, and when he asked for her phone number so they could arrange a playdate for their kids, she failed to pick up on the fact the smooth operator was making a play.

“I did not know that was flirting… I’m a little rusty,” she laughed during an appearance on U.S. news show Extra, noting she later received confirmation Tyrese had a crush on her. “So next time if somebody comes flirting, just tell me you are flirting, because apparently I’m not picking up on it at all. It needs to be written out for me because it’s been a long time.”

Back in July, Tyrese himself admitted his feelings for the Fast & Furious franchise’s latest villain, telling E! News, “I got Charlize’s cell phone number. I was flirting with her a little bit. I got the cell phone number. We’re trying to get the kids together, have a little fun… She’s sweet.”

The single hunk also outlined what he is looking for in a romantic partner, and it appears Charlize ticks all the boxes.

“I love a sweet woman with a lot of confidence,” he shared. “I love a woman that can walk in a room and everyone notices. I love it. Education, smart, spiritual…”

Tyrese Gibson

Whether or not they date in the future, Gibson feels blessed to have worked with Theron, noting she is one of the greatest actresses he’s ever collaborated with.

“I can tell you Charlize really came into this thing and set the tone for all of us,” he said of her work on Fast 8. “I often like to think of us as a franchise team and you get a new player to come in and they’re killing it and we like, ‘We got to step (up)’. Charlize really elevated us on an inspiration level.”

Fast 8 hits U.S. cinemas in April.