Boyzone Concidering 25th Anniversary COLLABORATION With Westlife

Published on February 11, 2016

Irish boy band BOYZONE are planning an album of pop collaborations to mark their 25th anniversary next year (17).


Singer Ronan Keating reveals he and his former bandmates are planning to return to the studio to mark the milestone, and the project may include teaming up with fellow Irish group Westlife.

“Not just Westlife, but Girls Aloud and lots of different collaborations,” he tells Press Association. “Never say never to those sort of things. We’ll see… It’d be cool, fun, I think, to do something like that, definitely.”

“I miss the lads at times,” the singer added. “Next year marks our 25 years so we’ll do something next year, please God.”


And it appears Ronan’s bandmate Shane Lynch is championing and Irish boy band supergroup, tweeted a picture of Boyzone and Westlife, and adding the caption: “BOYZONE & WESTLIFE i guess this is kinda what the press conference would look like if #Ireland joins forces.”