Benji Madden: ‘Marriage Makes Life So MUCH BETTER’

Published on July 13, 2016

BENJI MADDEN didn’t really understand the idea of marriage until he tied the knot with CAMERON DIAZ.

Benji Madden

The Good Charlotte rocker and There’s Something About Mary actress walked down the aisle in January 2015 after a whirlwind romance, though they’d been friends for years. Married life is a whole new world for Benji, 37, and the musician is loving the security and bliss marriage has brought him.

“I think when you find a true partner in life who really has your back, it makes life better,” he smiled to Kerrang! magazine. “I don’t know if I really knew that marriage was before I got married, and it’s just the best thing. Because the band isn’t in the place we were at a few years ago, when we would be on tour and gone for 18 months, it means I get to be home a lot more. We don’t have to be apart too much, and because we have so many ways to stay in touch, you never feel that far away from home.”

Cameron’s close friend Nicole Richie is married to Benji’s twin brother Joel, which means the group often go on double dates. Even after spending almost every second together their entire lives, fronting Good Charlotte since 1996 and forming duo group The Madden Brothers, the siblings remain closer than ever. They’re also judges on Australia’s The Voice.

 Cameron Diaz

“(Growing up with a twin brother was) great – we’ve been best friends ever since we were born,” he added. “I think we had an advantage in life, having a built-in best friend, and we always did everything together. Throughout school and everything, we always looked out for each other, took care of each other and stood up for each other. It was a given, no-one ever had to ask.”

The pair especially supported each other when their father walked out on them, their older brother, younger sister and mother when they were youngsters. It was a man from their local church who gifted Benji and Joel their first guitars during a time of need, leading them to form Good Charlotte.