Bastille DEFEND Female Nudity In New Video

Published on July 05, 2016

BASTILLE have denied the use of nudity in their new video is “gratuitous”.


The British indie band premiered the video clip for their new single Good Grief on June 22 (16). The video includes glimpses of female nudity, including one scene in which a naked woman is depicted lying on a bed showing her exposed breasts. Accordingly, the provocative sequences provoked a debate among fans in the YouTube comments section.

However, bandmember Dan Smith has now defended the nude scenes in the video, which features several arty shots, including one of a woman’s body dressed up as a vista of hills and valleys.

“The video is all about surrealism. It’s an extended dream sequence,” Dan explained to website Digital Spy. “Some people are bringing up the nudity and other people are immediately jumping to its defence saying it’s not sexualised and it doesn’t feel exploitative.”

Hinting that Britain maybe less sexually liberated, he added: “In some countries and some societies, female nudity isn’t remotely controversial.”

Bandmember Will Farquarson agreed, adding: “It wasn’t gratuitous. I think it’s well in keeping with the tone of the video.”

The video also features a bank robbery, and Dan suggested that those critical of the nudity were less concerned about violence.

“I read one comment that was like, ‘Why is everyone talking about nudity when there’s a bank robbery that’s quite full on,'” Dan added. “That says a lot about our reactions.”


Good Grief is the first single from the band’s forthcoming second album Wild World, which is due out onSeptember 9 (16). The band has announced a U.K. arena tour in support of the album, which will take place in October and November.

The band is also playing several festivals, including T In The Park and Bestival.