Antonio Banderas: ‘Pedro Almodovar Helped Me Understand First GAY ROLE’

ANTONIO BANDERAS has credited Spanish filmmaker PEDRO ALMODOVAR with making him the best actor he could be, insisting the filmmaker helped him come to terms with his first gay role.

Antonio Banderas.

The actor, who has worked with Almodovar several times, admits he struggled with his role as a homosexual in 1987’s Law of Desire and turned to his director for help.

Banderas, who also played a gay man in the film Philadelphia, tells ABC News, “He opened many different places in my brain as a human being, many different doors. He taught me many different things about morality.

“I remember when we were going to do Law of Desire and I was very worried about the gayness of the whole entire script. And that particular time, how my mother was going to see that or how my father was going to be perceived.

Antonio Banderas

“I remember him saying to me, ‘Antonio, remember you killed somebody in scene 21. You don’t have a problem with that?’ And I said, ‘No’. And he said, ‘You don’t have a problem to kill somebody in a movie, but you have a problem to kiss somebody in a movie. What is your problem? Think about it’.

“So we started reflecting on those things at that time. He was the person that made me take all of my pre-judgements and all of those things that you’re troubled with and just leave it outside the set.”