Anna Camp Presents Fiance Skylar Astin With Special ENGAGEMENT Ring

Published on January 25, 2016

Actress ANNA CAMP has gifted her new fiance SKYLAR ASTIN with his own engagement ring to seal their commitment to wed.

Anna Camp

The Pitch Perfect co-stars, who have been dating since 2013, announced their engagement over the New Year (16) after Skylar took to his account to post a snap of the couple grinning.

He captioned it, “I asked. She said yes!!!”, while Anna mirrored his message on social media, sharing the same picture and adding: “He asked. I said YES!!!!”

Now Skylar, 28, has shown off a new piece of jewellery on his left ring finger, revealing his 33-year-old bride-to-be presented him with a silver braided band to celebrate their engagement.

“It always felt odd to me that men didn’t get engagement rings,” he commented on, beside a photo of his new ring. “Thankfully my fiance thought so too.”

Camp previously admitted she knew Astin was something special when the couple first met on the set of 2012’s Pitch Perfect.

Anna Camp

“We’re really best friends, so it’s awesome,” she gushed about their relationship. “He’s definitely sweet like his character is.”

“The funny thing is, is that we never ever have any scenes together,” she added to E! News. “So, yeah, it was great. We had a great time when we saw each other on set. It was awesome.”