5 Seconds Of Summer Star Relieved He No Longer Has To Hide His LOVE

Published on January 6, 2016

5 SECONDS OF SUMMER star LUKE HEMMINGS is glad he no longer has to hide his love for girlfriend Arzaylea after fans discovered the singer is not single.

5 Seconds of Summer

The 19-year-old star has been dating the 21-year-old American since last summer (15), and they seemed inseparable during a recent Rolling Stone interview, during which Luke admitted he hated hiding his love.

“It’s hard,” he told the publication. “One of the weird things is you want it to be a secret, but you don’t want it to be a secret.”

But Arzaylea, who calls herself “an Internet influencer”, admits the big reveal has been tough for her, as fans have turned on her and accused the former beauty school student of being nothing but a puppet to create publicity, according to Rolling Stone.

5 Seconds of Summer

“You all hate me when you don’t know me…” she tweeted to 5 Seconds of Summer devotees last year (15).